Tentang kami

Tentang kami

PT. Avida Aviaduta was founded on July 31, 1989. It’s main business are in the fields of industry, transportation and employment agency for people who want to work overseas, and also in the field of import and export.

For the industrial sector and as an employment agency, the company’s main markets are the gulf countries, South Korea and Singapore.

Up to the present date the company has sent approximately 100.000 skilled labor by cooperating with its representative offices.

Thanks God the collaboration has produced results and can reach the social and economic targets of all the parties.

Types of skills and professions of Indonesian workers who are sent overseas are:

  • Nurses
  • Engineers/Experts
  • Labor and Farmer
  • Mining workers
  • Driver and housemaid
  • Hotel employees

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To become the leading company in developing the potential of human resources to obtain extensive employment opportunities overseas, and capable of providing significant contribution in the competition of international employment agencies to provide manpower to achieve welfare and prosperity.


To place qualified and educated manpower and to obtain total protection through the organization of the business management program which is managed professionally and independently, which is based on:

  • • Selective recruitment system.
  • • The organization of a training Centre equipped with complete equipment and highly qualified instructors.
  • • The establishment of a medical Centre with sophisticated equipment and professional medical staff.

PT. Avida Aviaduta is making an effort to penetrate new market in Europe and Japan,and is doing its best to provide all requirements supporting it to be able to compete on said market, especially in the field of health and industry.

Currently the company building a hospital with capacities of 150 beds plus one clinic/health laboratory.

The company continues to develop facilities and its capacities, so that by the end of the 2003 the company can accommodate up to 3.500 Indonesian workers per month.

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